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"Civilians who conveniently can, are respectfully urged to make their clothing purchases today, tomorrow or Friday, in order that army men who find it impossible to shop any day but Saturday may be given the utmost in service and attention. Thank you!"

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From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, November 6: The Indianapolis school board has allowed the city high schools to once again engage in interscholastic sport competition. The decision not only affects basketball and baseball, but track, tennis, swimming and possibly golf. All athletics at Technical (Tech), Shortridge, and Manual Training High Schools will be speeded up as a result of the ruling. Tech will soon pick a state basketball squad and arrange games with the best teams in the state. League basketball at Shortridge High School will continue as planned, and a state squad will be picked from the best of the four leagues before Christmas vacation. Play will be scheduled with various fast high school teams over the state during January and February. A cross-country meet between Shortridge and Manual will be held at the Riverside course on Thanksgiving Day.

“New Ruling Boost for High School Athletics,” The Indianapolis News, 6 November 1917, p. 13:2


From The Indianapolis Star, Saturday, November 3: Cash registers, attended by “ravishingly pretty” girls, will be placed at downtown street corners and in lobbies of public buildings by the National Cash Register Co to aid the Indianapolis Rotary Club’s campaign to raise the city’s $40,000 (2016: $762,392) quota as part of the goal to provide a $4,000,000 (2016: 76,239,178) fund for the Fosdick Commission which is working for the United States War and Navy Departments to combat vice conditions which have developed in a score of the cantonment cities across the country. All clean-living citizens desiring to provide a better class of recreation and entertainment facilities are asked to contribute. The commission will require $3 (2016: $57.18) per soldier and sailor over the next few months to fight evil and make the camps fit to do their bit for democracy.

“Cash Registers to Aid War Fund,” The Indianapolis Star, 3 November 1917, p. 20:2


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