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Chinese School Men Visit City

From The Indianapolis Star, Saturday, January 24, 1920: Thirteen members of the Chinese educational commission arrived in Indianapolis last night to inspect a number of city schools. S. T. Yuan, vice minister of education of the Republic of China, is leading the delegation which is composed of a number of college presidents and instructors that is studying school systems of the United States and Europe. P. C. Chang, who was educated at Columbia University and is the delegation secretary, said, “We are specially interested in Indiana’s consolidated school system and in vocational and industrial training.” After calling on Gov. James Goodrich and Indiana superintendent of education Linneus Hines at the State House, the delegation will visit Arsenal Technical High School and John Herron Art Institute before inspecting a vocational educational school at Pendleton and the consolidated schools of Randolph County.

“Chinese School Men Visit City,” The Indianapolis Star, 24 January 1920, p. 3:6



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