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Works Board Acts on Propaganda Meetings

From The Indianapolis News, Friday, March 7, 1921: The Indianapolis board of public works announced today that no group would be permitted to use Tomlinson Hall for meetings at which propaganda against nations allied with the United States would be spread or at which foreign political questions would be discussed. The action was taken following a New York City meeting where German sympathizers denounced France and England and ridiculed the President and other officers of the United States. “Our municipal hall cannot be used for such disgraceful meetings,” said the board chair. The order cancels the reservation by the American Association for the Recognition of the Irish Republic for use of Tomlinson Hall on the evening of April 1 for a meeting at which the Lord Mayor of Cork, who is a political refugee in this country, was to speak.


“Works Board Acts on Propaganda Meetings,” The Indianapolis News, 7 March 1921, p. 1:3


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