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Reproduction of Butler Seal Drawn by Indianapolis Artist

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, January 2, 1923: Indianapolis artist Paul Hadley has drawn the Butler College seal to be used in the decorations of the new Purdue University building. The Purdue Memorial Union requested a copy of the seal. The Butler seal, described in the university bylaws and used many years on official documents, has never been reproduced showing its decorative value. Hadley’s drawing is in the college colors of blue and white on a gold background. The seal’s outer border is a laurel wreath signifying achievement. This surrounds a broad ribbon on which the words “Butler University” and 1852 in Roman numerals is incorporated. The design’s center shows the open Bible which college bylaws maintain the institution was organized to instruct students in every branch of liberal and professional education and “…to teach and inculcate the Christian faith….”

“Reproduction of Butler Seal Drawn by Indianapolis Artist,” The Indianapolis News, 2 January 1923, p. 25:3


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