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Planning Board Urged for City

From The Indianapolis Star, Thursday, May 27, 1920:  The appointment by the mayor of an Indianapolis city planning commission was urged in remarks last night by Flavel Shurtleff, secretary of the National Conference of City Planning, before a meeting of the Architects’ Association and the Architectural League of Indianapolis.  One of the most important problems in city planning, he said, is the question of districting.  Setting aside districts for residence, business, and industries in different parts of the city need not have the same geographical classifications.  Some may be large, others so small that one side of a street may be set aside as a business district.  Flexibility and future change must be provided for in districting.  There should be street paving classifications; minor residential streets need not be entirely paved, just enough for use, leaving parts in grass.

“Planning Board Urged for City,” The Indianapolis Star, 27 May 1920, p. 13:1



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