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McCray is Named in 8 Indictments

From The Indianapolis Times, Friday, November 30, 1923: Gov. Warren McCray was accused of embezzlement, grand larceny, forgery, false statements, obtaining money under false pretenses, and issuing fraudulent checks in an eight-count indictment issued today by the Marion County grand jury. McCray is charged with embezzling $10,000 (2022: $176,658) of state money, $155,000 (2022: $2,738,192) from the Indiana state board of agriculture, and $25,000 (2022: $441,644) from the Discount & Deposit State Bank in Kentland, Indiana. He also is accused of writing checks totaling $6,665.38 (2022: $117,742) on the Kentland bank when he had no funds in the bank. The investigation began with a request from the Marion National Bank, one of McCray’s creditors. A special prosecutor started the inquiry October 5, 1923 after Marion County prosecutor, William P. Evans, recused himself because he is a son-in-law of the governor.

“McCray is Named in 8 Indictments,” The Indianapolis Times, 30 November 1923, p. 1:2

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