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League of Women Voters Incorporates

From The Indianapolis News, Friday, February 27, 1920: The Women’s Franchise League of Indiana has filed articles of incorporation with the secretary of state as the Indiana League of Women Voters in order to guarantee the use of the name and to give the new organization a more stable position. The purpose of the League of Women Voters is “educating the electorate of Indiana in the principles of American citizenship and securing such constructive and progressive legislation as may from time to time be advisable.” The following officers and directors of the franchise league signed the articles: Mary McNutt, Grace Julian Clarke, Katherine Greenough, Adah Bush, Sara Lauter, Celeste Barnhill, and Corinna Barnes. With its suffrage work finished, it is expected that delegates to the April convention of the franchise league will confirm becoming the Indiana League of Women Voters.

“League of Women Voters Incorporates,” The Indianapolis News, 27 February 1920, p. 7:1


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