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Grand Jury Indicts 21 as Violators of Mattress Label Law

From The Indianapolis Times, Monday, November 14, 1921: An investigation by the Indianapolis board of health has resulted in twenty-one indictments against local firms and individuals by the Marion County grand jury for violations of the mattress label law. The indictments allege the defendants “did feloniously and knowingly offer for sale, sell and have in possession with the intent to sell…a bed mattress that did not have plainly and indelibly stamped or printed thereon” the kinds of material used and by whom manufactured as required under Indiana law. The grand jury probe into the mattress label law violations grew out of an investigation by agents of the city board of health who found mattresses filled with filth in city and county institutions. Among those indicted are Victor Furniture Co, Normal Furniture Co, Used Goods Store, and Vin Cannon Furniture Co.


“Grand Jury Indicts 21 as Violators of Mattress Label Law,” The Indianapolis Times, 14 November 1921, p. 1:2


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