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Doubling Up Move Planned to Pierce Rent Hog's Hide

From The Indianapolis Times, Saturday, September 11, 1920: Driven to desperation by high rents, exorbitant prices of coal, groceries and other necessities, a number of families are considering living two in the same house this winter. The plan is being considered not only in the less exclusive neighborhoods of the city, but also in classic Irvington and highbrow North Meridian Street. Persons advocating “doubling up” say this is the only effective weapon left to renters battling unscrupulous landlords, leaving some apartment and dwelling owners apprehensive lest their profiteering of the last three years may be coming to an end. Widespread dissatisfaction with landlords in Indianapolis and elsewhere led to “doubling up” during the winter of 1916-17 that produced favorable results; landlords offered lower rents to prospective tenants if they would move to their properties. It was truly a renters’ paradise.


“Doubling Up Move Planned to Pierce Rent Hog’s Hide,” The Indianapolis Times, 11 September 1920, p. 1:2


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