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Assert Entire Plaza Project is Endangered

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, July 27, 1921: The proposed World War memorial plaza project is endangered unless Indianapolis takes action to furnish the building site, according to Dr. Victor Keene, Indiana national committeeman of the American Legion. The first hearing on the remonstrance against the project will be held this afternoon, and the American Legion will try to show the petition does not contain bona fide signatures of 5% of Indianapolis voters. The opposition to the project is prepared to contest the fraud charges in the petition and will assert the questionnaire circulated by the American Legion did not present the matter properly. There is great concern among the project’s supporters that should the petition for a referendum carry, in all probability the whole project would be defeated because it would cause a long delay in its actual beginning.

“Assert Entire Plaza Project is Endangered,” The Indianapolis Star, 27 July 1921, p. 1:1


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