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Tribute Paid to Colored Soldiers

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, August 5, 1919: Indianapolis welcomed 150 black soldiers of the 809th Pioneer Infantry back home Monday evening. The soldiers marched from the War Camp Community Club for colored soldiers, Senate Av and North St, along downtown streets, around Monument Place, and through the Victory Arch before attending a celebration at Tomlinson Hall with friends and relatives. Dr. Sumner Furniss, city councilor and chair of the colored citizen’s executive committee, said, “We welcome you back, and we know that your conduct on foreign soil was such that we are proud of you.” Gov. Goodrich paid tribute to the negro fighters saying, “Because of your brave and loyal service you men are entitled to know that as you return to civil life you share all the privileges that the laws of our state afford to its citizens.”

“Tribute Paid to Colored Soldiers,” The Indianapolis News, 5 August 1919, p. 5:1

“City Welcomes Negro Troops,” The Indianapolis Star, 6 August 1919, p. 17:4

The Indianapolis News, 5 August 1919, p. 5.

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