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Plan to Pave National Road

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, March 26, 1919: The reconstruction and paving of the National Road from Richmond to Terre Haute will be the first great road-building project undertaken by the newly created State Highway Commission according to state senator Luke Duffey following his meeting with Gov. Goodrich. The road will be a permanent, durable highway paid for by government appropriations. “From my conversation with the governor, I understand that army motor trucks, soon to be distributed to Indiana, will be utilized in the construction of the National Road in transporting road materials, thus eliminating the endless delays in the delivery of needed material,” Duffey said. The present road carries possibly more traffic than any other highway in the central states. Work will begin this summer and cost approximately $5,000,000 (2018: $73,574,136) with federal aid contributing a large amount.

“Plan to Pave National Road,” The Indianapolis Star, 26 March 1919, p. 1:5


The Indianapolis Star, 26 March 1919, p. 2.

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