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Seeking Eighty Nurses for Red Cross Service

From The Indianapolis News, Monday, June 3: The nation-wide Red Cross nursing drive opened today. U. S. Army Surgeon-General William Gorgas has asked for 25,000 nurses, and Miss Mae Currie, local nursing service committee secretary, reported the enrollment of twelve nurses towards Marion County’s quota of eighty. In a statement noting the “pressing military necessity,” the Red Cross called for the release of every nurse whose services are not needed at home so that they may join the army or navy. “When calling for a nurse, some have asked that she not be a Red Cross nurse for fear she would be called to service. This penalizes the nurse who has signified her willingness to serve. If you are employing a trained nurse largely as a companion, it is your patriotic duty to release her,” the statement continued.

“Seeking Eighty Nurses for Red Cross Service,” The Indianapolis News, 3 June 1918, p. 17:5

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