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State Farm Sentences Promised Second-Time Speeders by City Judge

From The Indianapolis Times, Monday, August 27, 1923: Beginning today, speeders convicted a second time will be sentenced to the Indiana State Farm from thirty days to six months city Judge Delbert Wilmeth announced. First-time speeding offenders can avoid fines by paying court costs and agreeing to have their automobile “impounded” from five days to one year, depending on the rate of speed. Convicted motorists taking advantage of the suspended fine provision must give the court the address of the garage in which the car is stored and leave the license plate, certificate of title, and keys with the city court bailiff. Harold Tiley was the first to surrender his car. Convicted of driving thirty miles an hour over the speed limit, his $20 (2022: $353) fine was suspended when he agreed to lock up his car for thirty days.

“State Farm Sentences Promised Second-Time Speeders by City Judge,” The Indianapolis Times, 27 August 1923, p. 1:7


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