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Site for New Athletic Club Home Chosen

From The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, February 6, 1921: The new home of the Indianapolis Athletic Club will be built at the southwest corner of Vermont and Meridian Streets pursuant to a decision made yesterday by the club’s board of directors. Currently, the Fahnley Home occupies the site. With its façade of Indiana limestone and ornamental carvings of fruits and flowers suggesting very strongly the Italian palace style and interior of white walnut, the house is one of the two or three most imposing residential structures in Indiana. Eighty-two year old Frederick Fahnley, the present owner, said, “We all have to give way gracefully to the city’s progress…The athletic club typifies the new spirit of Indianapolis and I am glad to have my old home site identified in this way.” Construction of the clubhouse is expected to begin in early summer.

“Site for New Athletic Club Home Chosen,” The Indianapolis Star, 6 February 1921, p. 1:1


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