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Records Show West's U.S. History Not on List

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, June 5, 1923: Despite the impression in American Legion circles that An American History by Dr. David Saville Muzzey had been adopted by the Indiana state board of education for use as the United States history textbook in teaching high school American history, the board voted to continue using a United States history textbook by Emerson David Fite. The state adjutant of the American Legion made a formal protest to the superintendent of public instruction objecting to the Muzzey text and the History of the American People by William Mason West because the contents of the books were unpatriotic and biased. Patriotic societies over the country have made unfavorable comments about the textbooks because they convey the impression everything American is wrong and that the sole hope for American progress is renouncing our American traditions.


“Records Show West’s U.S. History Not On List,” The Indianapolis News, 5 June 1923, p. 19:2


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