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No 'Zep' Danger Here Last Night

From The Indianapolis Star, Monday, December 17: Indianapolis was dark last night, and next Thursday night promises to be still darker as the city complies with the fuel conservation order calling for two “lightless” nights a week. Few electric signs glowed feebly through the low-hanging smoke cloud that had settled over the darkened business district. Store windows, which normally would be aglow with Christmas lights, were dark. Not a glimmer could be seen shining within the department stores. Theaters displayed their electric lights only a short time before the performances, and then went dark. Only the amber glow from lights necessary for public safety were exempt thereby enabling pedestrians to scurry along the downtown streets like ghosts. According to a spokesperson at the Indianapolis Light & Heat Co, the city’s lightless night meant a savings of thirteen tons of coal.

“No ‘Zep’ Danger Here Last Night,” The Indianapolis Star, 17 December 1917, p. 11:5

The Indianapolis News, Friday, 21 December 1917, p. 14.


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