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Girl Scouts Raise $2,300 in First Two Days of Campaign

From The Indianapolis Star, Tuesday, March 21, 1922: “Daddy Buttons” are being sold for $5 (2020: $79) by the city’s fourteen Girl Scout troops as part of a week-long drive to raise $10,000 (2020: $157,224) to carry on the work of the movement in Indianapolis. Authors Booth Tarkington and Meredith Nicholson were among the first to have Girl Scouts pin a button on the lapel of their coats and become a “Girl Scout Daddy.” Two troops lead button sales with twenty-five sold. Exhibits have been placed in downtown store windows demonstrating the work of Girl Scouts in child and home nursing, and cooking and table service. Other exhibits feature Girl Scout equipment, first aid, and rope work. Tomorrow there will be a candy sale at the Spink-Arms Hotel, 410 N. Meridian St, of homemade candy made by the Girl Scouts.

“Many Visitors Are Entertained at Girl Scouts’ Open House,” The Indianapolis Star, 18 March 1922, p. 3:5

“Decorated as ‘Girl Scout Daddy’,” The Indianapolis Star, 20 March 1922, p. 7:6

“Girl Scouts Raise $2,300 in First Two Days of Campaign,” The Indianapolis Star, 22 March 1922, p. 9:4


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