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Community Chest Plan is Approved

From The Indianapolis News, Friday, June 4, 1920: The plan for the Community Chest of Indianapolis was approved by delegates from several organizations at a public luncheon held yesterday at the Claypool Hotel. The directors of the War Chest drafted the plan proposing that the Community Chest take over and continue the work of raising and disbursing money for civic, benevolent, charitable, and social welfare agencies. In order to promote co-operation and economy, the money would be raised in one campaign. Those present expressed “enthusiastic approval” of the plan and representatives of the Chamber of Commerce declared the work started by the War Chest had proved so successful that it must be continued. Edward Kahn, president of the Indianapolis Retail Merchants’ Association, “heartily favored” the community chest plan if for no other reason than it would prevent duplication of effort.


“Community Chest Plan is Approved,” The Indianapolis News, 4 June 1920, p. 6:6


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