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City Teachers Ask for Bonus

From The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, March 7, 1920: Yesterday, members of the Indianapolis Teachers’ Federation asked superintendent Ellis U. Graff for relief from the present low salaries with the distribution of a $300 (2018: $3,812) bonus to every city public school teacher at the end of the current school year. A revised teacher salary schedule for next year was demanded for teachers in service eight or more years receiving a maximum salary permitted by the schedule during the 1920-21 school year. While the superintendent said a bonus would be impossible because of the city school’s financial condition, federation members will make every effort to secure favorable action by the school board on other salary demands. Last year’s salary schedule has proved inadequate to the increased cost of living and a determined campaign will be undertaken by teachers for increased wages.

“City Teachers Ask for Bonus,” The Indianapolis Star, 7 March 1920, Part Two, p. 13:3



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