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City's Most Powerful Radio Station Opens Tomorrow Night

From The Indianapolis Star, Tuesday, March 28, 1922: WOH, the newest Indianapolis radio station, will air its first official regular programing tomorrow night. Broadcasting from the Hatfield Electric Company Radio Studio, 531 N. Meridian St, the city’s most powerful wireless station will open its program with short addresses by Gov. Warren McCray and Mayor Lew Shank, followed with remarks by Hoosier authors Booth Tarkington and Meredith Nicholson. Programming will continue with a concert by the Purdue University Glee Club, a solo by Miss Hazel Silvey, and several numbers played by Holler’s orchestra. The current carrying the voices or other sounds from the Hatfield studio will be broadcast from a 100-foot antenna extending above the building, and with Indianapolis as the epicenter cover a range 3,600 miles in diameter. Visitors will be welcomed at the studio to hear the regular programming.

“City’s Most Powerful Radio Station Opens Tomorrow Night,” The Indianapolis Star, 28 March 1922, p. 8:2

“Local Wireless Station Broadcasts First Program,” The Indianapolis Star, 23 March 1922, p. 13:2


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