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City Becomes State Basketball Center Friday

From The Indianapolis Times, Monday, March 14, 1921: Indianapolis becomes the basketball center of Indiana for the first time when the best sixteen high school teams start their two-day elimination contest Friday for the State basketball championship at the Coliseum. The tournament will be the biggest in the history of the game; the Coliseum at the fair grounds is prepared for a crowd of 10,000 fans from all over Indiana who will be rooting for their favorite team. While it is disappointing that no local team made it to this stage of the basketball championship, Indianapolis civic organizations realize the importance of the tournament to the city and are preparing for the event. The Better Business Bureau is seeing that hotels and restaurants do not charge visitors exorbitant rates and the Chamber of Commerce is cooperating with the host committee.


“City Becomes State Basket Center Friday,” The Indianapolis Times, 14 March 1921, p. 6:4


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