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State Played Big War Part

From The Indianapolis Star, Monday, December 8, 1919: The Indiana Historical Commission received a report on Indiana’s industrial part in winning the world war. War contracts were awarded to 119 state industries, including 29 Indianapolis companies. Among the local firms providing war matériel were Allison Experimental Co, 2½-ton tractors; E. C. Atkins & Co, rifle grenades; Citizens Gas Co, benzol; Electric Steel Co, hub boxes for artillery wheels; Holcomb & Hoke Co, VB rifle grenades; Holt Manufacturing Co, gasoline engines; Hoosier Veneer Co, black walnut blanks for gun stocks; Indianapolis Saddlery Co, gun-slings; Link Belt Co, auto silent chain, double-drive sprocket; National Motor Car & Vehicle Co, Nash quad truck chassis; Spacke Machine & Tool Co, 4-inch TM gas shells; Udell Works, rifle grenade fuse containers; Wheeler-Schebler Co, carburetors, 6-ton tractors; and Zenite Metal Co, assembled bodies for gas grenades.

“State Played Big War Part,” The Indianapolis Star, 8 December 1919, p. 3:1


The Indianapolis Star, 8 December 1919, p. 8.

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