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Gives New Idea for City Market

From The Indianapolis Star, Tuesday, September 30, 1919: Acting on a special advisory committee’s recommendations, Herbert L. Bass, architects, has been asked to prepare plans for remodeling the City Market to enable foodstuff producers to sell retail. To do this the present restaurant will have to be moved, and city officials have asked the architects to investigate the feasibility of constructing a mezzanine floor to accommodate restaurant facilities and rest rooms. Of immediate concern is the thorough improvement of the sanitary conditions of the Market that will require revising the plumbing, sewage, heating, and ventilating systems, and the installation of sanitary floors. Future plans call for the expansion of the Market that would ultimately mean razing Tomlinson Hall and building uniform stands. Appointment of a permanent civic advisory committee including women is recommended in the management of the City Market.

“Gives New Idea for City Market,” The Indianapolis Star, 30 September 1919, p. 20:3


The Indianapolis Star, 30 September 1919, p. 14.

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