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Irvingtonians Object to Gas Lights Order

From The Indianapolis News, Wednesday, September 17, 1919: The board of public works suffered a “gas attack” today when a large number of letters from Irvington citizens were received protesting the order to install gas street lights south of Washington St in the classic suburb. The board thought the gas lighting system would do Irvington residents a big favor because the trees and winding streets of the neighborhood made the electric arc lights practically useless at night. However, the letters asked that the present electric arc lights remain, and Irvington resident Charles Cross declared, “We had gas lighting when we were kids and we don’t want to move Irvington back years. We are satisfied with the more modern lighting system.” George Lemaux, board chair, said, “Of course, the gas lamps will probably interfere with some of the ‘dates' in Irvington.”

“Irvington Stirred Up Over Lighting Change,” The Indianapolis News, 13 September 1919, p. 1:3

“Irvingtonians Object to Gas Lights Order,” The Indianapolis News, 17 September 1919, p. 26:1

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