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Housewives of City Organize League to Aid H. C. of L. Fight

From The Indianapolis Star, Tuesday, August 14, 1919: A cosmopolitan gathering of Indianapolis women packed the auditorium of the Main Public Library yesterday to organize the Indianapolis Housewives League for the purpose of fighting higher food prices and to campaign for saner purchasing among city housekeepers. The price of commodities in various neighborhoods of the city will be followed and the organization will instantly provide this information to households. Speakers accused city wholesale dealers with “having a strangle hold upon food products” and profiteering. Others charged City Market standholders with advertising quality produce but substituting produce of a lesser quality when purchased. Standholders were also accused of violating the child labor law without penalty. All women of the city - rich or poor; clubwoman or not - are asked to enlist in this fight against the high cost of living.

“Housewives of City Organize League to Aid H. C. of L. Fight,” The Indianapolis Star, 14 August 1919, p. 1:4


The Indianapolis Star, 14 August 1919, p. 2.

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