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Poor Streets Stir Council

From The Indianapolis Star, Tuesday, July 8, 1919: Indianapolis city councilor Jacob Brown last night demanded the City Council take immediate action on several street improvements. He said because of poor street pavements a funeral could not pass over either Washington or Noble (College Av) Streets without disturbing the corpse to such an extent that it was necessary upon arrival at the cemetery to rearrange it. The board of public works will be responsible for resurfacing streets under the street improvement program and the council must give it authority to proceed or the “streets will continue in their present deplorable condition.” In many cases, successful remonstrances have been filed against improvement of certain sections of a street, but it would not be right to attempt to improve parts of those streets and leave out other sections in their worn-out condition.

“Poor Streets Stir Council,” The Indianapolis Star, 9 July 1919, p. 13:3

“Works Board Assumes Street Responsibility,” The Indianapolis News, 9 July 1919, p. 28:5

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