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People Languid at Peace News

From The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, June 29, 1919: No clamor of sirens, horns or whistles, no swaying of delirious crowds in the streets, no singing, just a matter of course, “Well, I see they signed the peace treaty!” was the frequent response heard today from Indianapolis citizens to the news that the treaty ending the Great War had finally been concluded at Versailles. Emotions probably were exhausted last November in “peace celebrations” at the news of the Armistice silencing the roar of guns and the carnage of the battlefield. However, peace was not assured, and the conflagration of war could have burst out again at any time until the signatures of representatives of the warring countries were affixed to the solemn documents yesterday. Yet, not a voice of exultation was raised on one of the most momentous days in history.

“People Languid at Peace News,” The Indianapolis Star, 29 June 1919, p. 1:4

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