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Belgian Veterans and Dogs Famed in the War, Will Parade Streets Here Tomorrow

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, April 30, 1919: A Belgian machine gun detachment will parade through Indianapolis streets tomorrow on behalf of the Victory Loan campaign. The detachment’s seven officers and 110 enlisted men will carry a number of machine guns of the type drawn by the great Flemish dogs in the Belgian and French armies. A display of the machine guns and the large sturdy “Flemish hounds” will be on display on Monument Circle after the parade. The detachment will carry the colors of the 12th Infantry Regiment which was awarded the Cross of Leopold. The men of the detachment have been cited for bravery, and collectively they have more than 300 medals of honor. This is the first unit of Belgian fighting men, veterans of four years fighting on the Flanders front, to tour the United States.

“Belgian Veterans and Dogs…Will Parade Streets Here Tomorrow,” The Indianapolis Star, 30 April 1919, p. 5:5

The Indianapolis Star, 30 April 1919, p. 5.


The Indianapolis Star, 30 April 1919, p. 2.

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