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Junior Officers' Unit is Sought

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, March 12, 1919: At the regular meeting of the Indianapolis board of school commissioners last night, it was disclosed that an application had been made by Superintendent Ellis U. Graff, in compliance with instructions previously issued by the board, to the U. S. War Department for the establishment of a junior reserve officers’ training corps in the Indianapolis high schools. While no word has been received in reply to the application, however in this connection, the board of school commissioners has placed a compilation of a set of rules on military discipline for the government of military training in the high schools in the hands of Superintendent Graff and Capt. Newton Hardin, commandant of cadets, that includes a rule forbidding the wearing of Sam Browne belts by the “commissioned officers” of the high school cadets.

“Junior Officers’ Unit is Sought,” The Indianapolis Star, 12 March 1919, p. 13:3

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