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Memorial Talk Revives State Plaza Project

From The Indianapolis Star, Friday, January 31, 1919: Long-cherished plans for a great state plaza connecting the five blocks from University Park to St. Clair Park, between Meridian and Pennsylvania Streets, have been revived as the site for a state memorial of the war against Germany. The movement to relocate the Indiana School for the Blind from its North St location to the city’s outskirts has added impetus to the idea. At various times talk of creating this state plaza as a place for public memorials has been well received. Nowhere would a great state memorial to the Indiana soldiers, sailors and marines who participated in the war be so accessible to all Indiana citizens. If the present state Legislature acts to preserve the state’s interest in this territory, the cost of acquiring private properties would be $4,000,000 (2017: $57,761,834).

“Memorial Talk Revives State Plaza Project,” The Indianapolis Star, 31 January 1918, p. 1:6

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