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Hoosier War Hero Visits Indianapolis

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, December 3: Arriving on a special interurban car from Newcastle, IN, Major General Omar Bundy, the Hoosier of the Marne, was greeted by a volley of cheers from a throng of citizens who had gathered at the Traction Terminal Station to see Indiana’s foremost war hero. Mayor Charles Jewett and a reception committee led Gen. Bundy and his party to automobiles and proceeded to the Columbia Club through a great crowd that had quickly assembled along Market St and around the Circle to catch a glimpse of the leader of the 2nd Division which stopped the Prussian Guards at Belleau Wood. Following a brief introduction by Gov. James Goodrich, Gen. Bundy addressed those attending the luncheon in his honor by paying high tribute to the farsightedness shown by American supreme commander Gen. John J. Pershing.

“Hoosier War Hero Visits Indianapolis,” The Indianapolis News, 3 December 1918, p. 1:1

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