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Food Profiteer May Go to Jail

From The Indianapolis Star, Friday, November 22: At a conference of county food administrators yesterday, G. Harold Powell, representing United States food administrator Herbert Hoover, said America must help feed 200 million hungry Europeans and urged continued conservation of food so all available foodstuffs might be sent to Europe to relieve famine conditions. Michael E. Foley, State Council of Defense chair, said, “Hunger and liberty do not go hand in hand; you will have to feed the populations in the warring countries before you can break up anarchy and Bolshevik disorders.” The patriotic fervor prevalent during the war is gone; food violations can no longer be met with autocratic methods. Voluntary contributions rather than fines are suggested for food violations. The week of December 1 was designated “Victory Week” for the presentation of extensive food conservation programs in Indiana counties.

“Food Profiteer May Go to Jail,” The Indianapolis Star, 22 November 1918, p. 16:2

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