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Permits Issued for Barracks

From The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, September 30: Permits were taken out yesterday for the construction of four buildings to house the Student Army Training Corps at Butler College in Irvington. The new structures, designed by Butler alumnus Lee Burns, will be erected on college ground, south of University Avenue between Ohmer and Butler Avenues, at a total cost of $20,000 (2017: $331,842). The main buildings will be two barracks, each 42 x 172 feet in size, of northern construction, heated and double-lined with double floors, costing $7,000 (2017: $116,145) each. A mess hall, equipped with a complete kitchen, will accommodate 300 men. There also will be a fully equipped bathhouse. Army officials have approved the plans and material needed for the construction has been ordered. The project will be under the supervision of the Burns Realty Company.

“Permits Issued for Barracks,” The Indianapolis Star, 30 September 1918, p. 13:8

“To Start at Once on Barracks at Butler,” The Indianapolis News, 25 September 1918, p. 10:7

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