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City Honors 1,258 Colored Draftees

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, August 21: Yesterday evening, the city’s downtown streets were filled with cheering, shouting, and singing as 1,258 African American men, escorted by a platoon of mounted police and patriotic black organizations waving flags and banners, marched enthusiastically to Tomlinson Hall to hear “Godspeed” and blessings from family and friends as they prepared to depart for Camp Dodge, Iowa and their long expected opportunity to help America win the war. The hall was packed to overflowing with the draftees seated on the main floor. Gov. Goodrich gave a short speech, and then Mayor Jewett addressed the crowd saying, “Not a single colored man who has fought in our wars and bled for the Stars and Stripes has ever returned in defeat or disgrace. The record of the bravery of the American negro would astound the world.”

"City Honors 1, 258 Colored Draftees," The Indianapolis Star, 21 August 1918, p. 1:2.


The Indianapolis Star, 21 August 1918, p. 7

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