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Thousands Join Line Viewed by Greater Throng

From The Indianapolis Star, Tuesday, August 6: Last night a throng of 60,000 lined Meridian St from North St south and around Monument Circle to watch the Service Flag parade of mothers and fathers and wives of Indianapolis soldiers. The Indianapolis Military Band led the 8,000 participants which included men from the vocational training detachments. During the hour-long passage, emblems of sacrifice - Gold Stars of the dead heroes - were scattered among the thousands of Blue Stars for the living men on the fighting line in France and in the camps. Women cried openly, and men did not try to hide their emotions as they marched with subdued onlookers viewing the parade as a solemn occasion. The War Camp Community Service members, organizers of the parade, believe that this is the first Service Flag parade in the country.

“Thousands Join Line Viewed by Greater Throng,” The Indianapolis Star, 6 August 1918, p. 1:3

The Indianapolis Star, 6 August 1918, p. 9

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