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City to Keep Record of Its Part in the War

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, July 30: Indianapolis Mayor Charles Jewett proposed today that a public record be kept showing the supreme and lesser sacrifices being made by the city’s men and women in the successful prosecution of the war. The roll of honor should be placed somewhere in the city’s center and be visible where all can read it. “We want set down in large sized numerals the number of boys who are in the army, the navy, the medical corps, and hospital units. We want to give prominent position to our daughters who are Red Cross nurses or who are otherwise serving our nation overseas and at home. We want the world to know how far we exceeded our quota in each Liberty Loan campaign,” the Mayor said. The Marion County Liberty Loan Committee has approved this proposal.

“City to Keep Record of Its Part in the War,” The Indianapolis News, 30 July 1918, p. 3:2

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