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Pupils in 65 Parades Today

From The Indianapolis Star, Thursday, June 13: The spirit of loyalty in the fight for freedom and democracy will dominate today as more than 40,000 Indianapolis public school pupils and their teachers demonstrate in 65 parades through the immediate neighborhoods of their schools as part of the $5,000,000 (2017: $82,960,434) War Savings Stamps pledge campaign. Over 1,000 banners bearing War Savings slogans have been prepared for the event, and these demonstrations by school children, if thrown together, would be a parade of more than 100 city blocks, which would be by far the greatest parade in the city’s history. It is predicted that today’s neighborhood demonstrations will be seen by more people in one day than have ever before witnessed a city parade. Former President Theodore Roosevelt opened the campaign Tuesday night with an address at the Fair Ground Coliseum.

“Pupils in 65 Parades Today,” The Indianapolis Star, 13 June 1918, p. 9:1

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