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Women Aiding U.S. at Indianapolis Plant

From The Indianapolis News, Saturday, April 27: Clad in blue and white checked bloomer suits and sporting the sauciest kind of cap to match, the 125 young women employed at the Nordyke & Marmon aviation factory are seated at tables inspecting connecting rods, cylinders, rocker arms, and other parts of Liberty aircraft engines which are being manufactured at the plant to carry American airmen on scouting and bombing flights over the German lines. The women work in one of ten departments under the supervision of other women. Mrs. Louise Kendall Huston is the general supervisor. While the work pays well, the women are also drawn to do it through a high sense of patriotism. According to Harvey G. Shafer, secretary and factory manager, within the next ninety days 1,000 women are expected to be employed at the factory.

“Women Aiding U. S. at Indianapolis Plant,” The Indianapolis News, 27 April 1918, p. 5:1


The Indianapolis News, 27 April 1918, p. 20

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