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Sewage Disposal Plan is Decided on by Board

From The Indianapolis News, Saturday, April 6: Based on a report that White River is being polluted by sewage from Indianapolis, the city’s board of sanitary commissioners yesterday adopted resolutions providing for the building of a sewage disposal plant southwest of the city on the 184 acre Sellers farm at the junction of Eagle Creek and White River. Currently the farm is the site of the garbage reduction facility for the city. Preliminary plans including maps, drawings and specifications show that the cost of the plant is estimated at $1,912,000 (2017: $31,724,070). However, since the government has assumed control over all municipal bond issues because of the war, the federal reserve will have to approve the issuance of bonds for the work. This action was taken under the provisions of the sewage disposal law enacted by the last state legislature.

“Sewage Disposal Plan is Decided on by Board,” The Indianapolis News, 6 April 1918, p. 1:7


The Indianapolis News, 6 April 1918, p. 11

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