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Men to Be Trained in Making of Airplanes

From The Indianapolis News, Monday, February 25: The War Department will send 500 men to Indianapolis high schools Emmerich Manual Training and Arsenal Technical April 1 for specialty training in blacksmithing, automobile repair, and gunsmithing. Purdue University will provide instruction on airplane making, and students will be taught in the wood shops to make airplane propellers. Specialty training for the successful waging of war include parts making in the electrical shops, in the machine shops, and in the drafting shops. There will also be classes in concrete work. Instruction will be given at Rose Polytechnic Institute, as well as at other Indiana schools, too. About 300,000 men need to be trained for special war work, and it is believed that a class of men can be sufficiently trained in these areas every sixty days to warrant sending them to France.

“Men to Be Trained in Making of Airplanes,” The Indianapolis News, 25 February 1918, p. 4:6

“Indianapolis School Facilities to Be Used,” The Indianapolis News, 5 March 1918, p. 11:4


The Indianapolis News, 25 February 1918, p. 7

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