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Asks Suspension of Gas Main Extensions

From The Indianapolis News, Thursday, February 21: Jacob Dorsey Forrest, general manager of the Citizens Gas Co, notified city officials today “that every public and private consideration at this time warrants the complete suspension of gas main extensions.” Although franchise requirements for extensions amount to 35,840 feet per year, during the last four years company extensions have averaged 51,053 feet a year on orders by the Indianapolis board of public works. Although it is the desire of Citizens Gas to do its full share in the development of Indianapolis, suspension of gas main extensions is necessary because of the difficulty in securing supplies and labor, and financing at this time. Also, it is impossible for the company to meet any further increase in the demand for gas beyond the demands currently arising from the scarcity of coal and oil.

“Asks Suspension of Gas Main Extensions,” The Indianapolis News, 21 February 1918, p. 3:3


The Indianapolis News, 21 February 1918, p. 15

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