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Warns Aliens Against Delay in Registering

From The Indianapolis News, Friday, February 8: All unnaturalized Germans and Austrians have until 8 p.m. tomorrow to register as alien enemies at one of the city’s four police substations. Since registration began Monday, 1,059 have registered. City police Captain Henry Franklin, who is overseeing registration, advises all who have not registered to do so at once. Substation 4, 1117 Prospect St, leads in registrations because it is in the center of a heavily populated German district of Indianapolis. Aliens residing in Marion County outside of Indianapolis must register at the Indianapolis post office. United States marshal Mark Storen, in a letter to police chief George Coffin, stated all information recorded on the registration forms will be kept secret. Each registrant must provide four unmounted photographs of himself. His thumbprint will be taken and placed on a card for identification.

“Warns Aliens Against Delay in Registering,” The Indianapolis News, 8 February 1918, p. 20:3


The Indianapolis News, 9 February 1918, p. 10

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