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Awakens to Dawn of New Christmas

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, December 25: Christmas Day dawned cold and gray in Indianapolis. Many home circles were happy with family members returning to the scenes of their youth to once again greet Santa Claus. Prominent among those who came back were the boys in khaki on furlough from the many military camps. But other home circles were incomplete with loved ones serving on the battlefields of France. The Christmas mail rush continued as postal carriers on their one-day delivery today were as loaded with greeting cards and presents as they have been for the last week. Meatless Tuesday was observed, but this did not affect the turkey menu of most Christmas dinners. To bring some degree of happiness and meaning to everybody, the Salvation Army distributed 200 Christmas baskets containing rabbits instead of the usual supply of beef.

“Awakens to Dawn of New Christmas,” The Indianapolis News, 25 December 1917, p. 1:1

The Indianapolis News, Thursday, 20 December 1917, p. 12

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