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news stories & adverts from one hundred years ago

From The Indianapolis News, Wednesday, November 29, 1922: In an effort to check a crime wave in the city, squads of detectives in automobiles, assisted by squads of plain clothes officers, continued the roundup today of “highjackers,” “bootleggers,” and suspicious characters that began yesterday following “cleanup” orders by Mayor Lew Shank and police chief Herman Rikhoff. Most of the poolrooms and dry drink places were deserted today, the loafers and “crooks” having scurried for cover when word of the police cleanup began circulating. Sixty suspected criminals taken into custody yesterday afternoon and night are being questioned at police headquarters, and several are suspected of being responsible for some of the recent holdups of rum runners and auto parties on the county roads. The mayor said the roundup would continue “until every darned bum and bojack in Indianapolis is under arrest.”


“City-Wide Police Drive Continues,” The Indianapolis News, 29 November 1922, p. 1:6

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, November 22, 1922: The Butler College board of directors, in a special meeting yesterday afternoon, unanimously decided to accept the site committee recommendations and exercise the option to buy Fairview Park from the Indianapolis Street Railway Co and move the college from Irvington to that location. A committee will immediately raise the $200,000 (2020: $3,144,483) to purchase the park grounds, and another committee will have charge of a campaign to raise an $800,000 (2020: $12,577,932) building fund. It will probably be two years before new buildings at Fairview will be ready for use, although an athletic facility will be in use before that time. Although deeply regretting the necessity for removal from Irvington, the 246 acres north of the city will permit expansion and growth of the college on the scale contemplated by college authorities.


“Butler to Buy Fairview Park,” The Indianapolis Star, 22 November 1922, p. 1:7

From Aurora Magazine of Sigma Gamma Rho and Other Sources: Sunday, November 12, 1922: Seven young African American women educators met on the Irvington campus of Butler College to found Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority. The Grand Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho was incorporated the following month under the laws of Indiana. The founding members of Alpha Chapter were Butler College graduate Nannie Mae Gahn; Indianapolis Normal School and Butler College graduate Vivian Irene White; Indianapolis Normal School graduates Mary Lou Allison, Bessie Mae Downey, Dorothy N. Hanley, and Cubena McClure; and Indiana State Teachers College graduate Hattie Mae Annette Dulin. Founded on the tenets of excellence in scholarship, sisterhood, and service, Sigma Gamma Rho was initially composed of young women who had had normal training and who were working for college degrees. The sorority continues to adhere to its slogan Better Service, Greater Progress.

The Aurora Magazine of Sigma Gamma Rho

The Indianapolis News, 18 November 1922, p. 39:8

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