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Views Expressed on Race Problem

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, January 1, 1924:  Equality of opportunity for all races and opposition to war as a denial of Christian principles was the general feeling among the more than 7,000 Christian students from the major American educational institutions attending the ninth quadrennial convention of the Student Volunteer Movement at the Cadle Tabernacle.  The race problem and war were the two questions discussed more generally in the forty-nine discussion groups which met during the convention.  The third question receiving the most consideration was whether Western civilizations have any right to impose their type of life and thought on foreign peoples, but no summary of this question was presented.  The five student speakers who summarized the views of the discussion groups were men because it was impossible to find women students whose voices could be heard throughout the auditorium.


“Views Expressed on Race Problem,” The Indianapolis News, 1 January 1924, p. 1:4 


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