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Sticker to Be Used by Police 'Walk Right, Drive Right Week'

From The Indianapolis News, Monday, September 19, 1921: This week’s “Walk Right, Drive Right” campaign for the elimination of street mishaps began today. Finding that many accidents are caused by faulty brakes and signals, the board of public safety has detailed ten police officers at sites around Indianapolis to test the brakes and signals on cars, and the drivers’ knowledge of traffic rules. A sticker will be placed on the windshield of all automobiles passing the tests. The Hoosier Motor Club has announced it will spend the week marking dangerous intersections and curves in Marion County. In 1919 there were twenty-six deaths from automobile accidents in Indianapolis, or 8.4 deaths per 100,000 population. This was a low average for large cities, but since then the number has been increasing and the board is seeking to eliminate causes of traffic accidents.

“Watching Efficiency Tests of City Automobiles,” The Indianapolis News, 19 September 1921, p. 15:5

“Sticker to Be Used by Police ‘Walk Right, Drive Right Week’,” The Indianapolis News, 16 September 1921, p. 34:6


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