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Seek to Restrict Negro Resident

From The Indianapolis Times, Saturday, May 1, 1920:  The Capitol Avenue Protective Association met at the home of attorney Ira Holmes, 2164 N. Capitol Av, last night to discuss means of preventing the encroachment of negro property holders on the main residence streets.  Fifty property owners between 16th and 38th streets were present and urged that similar organizations be formed on all north side streets.  Support for a city zoning and planning bill restricting negro residency will be presented to the next session of the Indiana legislature and Harry Templeton, executive secretary of the Indianapolis Real Estate Board, assured those at the meeting of the board’s cooperation.  The Capitol Avenue Protective Association plans to urge the separation of all white and colored school children of the city with separate schools.  Another meeting of the association will be held next week.

“Seek to Restrict Negro Resident,” The Indianapolis Times, 1 May 1920, p. 5:4



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