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Prepare City as Mail Center

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, August 30, 1922: As a strategic point in the Mid-West in event of a nation-wide railroad strike that interrupts the mail, the United States Post Office is making Indianapolis a distribution center for a large number of postal trucks. Over three hundred three-quarter ton army truck chassis, which may be used in hauling mail in the event of a strike, have been moved from storage at Ft. Harrison to post office shops at Beech Grove where they are being covered with a coating of grease to prevent rust. More than 1,000 trucks have been stored in the former American Radiator Co shops during the last year. As demand for trucks come into the shops, standard bodies required by the postal department are fitted to the chassis and the new bodies are painted an olive green.

“Prepare City as Mail Center,” The Indianapolis Star, 30 August 1922, p. 3:2


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