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Plan to Sell 40 City Fire Horses

From The Indianapolis Times, Tuesday, January 4, 1921: Motorization has rendered the ninety-eight fine horses in the fire department useless. Once the pride at the various fire stations, the horses stand idle and disconsolate in their stalls, having been replaced by motor fire-fighting monsters. With the delivery of ten motor pumpers from the Stutz Fire Engine Co, the public safety board will take immediate steps to dispose of the horses. Appraisers have been appointed to fix not only the value of the horses, but also of all the wagons and trucks made unnecessary by the motor equipment. Five of the best animals will be turned over to the mounted police to replace old horses, and the park board will receive ten other horses. Some of the horses will be shipped to eastern buyers where a better price can be obtained.


“Plan to Sell 40 City Fire Horses,” The Indianapolis Times, 4 January 1921, p. 2:1


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